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PolyWop Download
These are zipped files, for those of you that must live behind firewalls, The zipped file however contains a convenient installer.

Note these support files aren't needed  if you already have VB support preinstalled.
The support files also have an installer.

Available Downloads

PolyWop   version 1.2.66  10/10/09

Support Files for PolyWop    If needed for Win 98, ME, XP

  With Version 1.2.1 there has been a format change. It now saves annotation information with the file.
   The older versions will still be loaded seamlessly and when saved will save to the newer file format, however if you are using an older version of PolyWop and try to open a newer version .plw file , you will crash the application.
   You will likely not even notice the difference in file formats here because the transition is so seamless, but I thought it good to give everyone a heads up.
    Also the Polytext plugin will no longer be shipping with the package since polytext is now a feature of  PolyWop itself and is unneeded.